Warming Up




One body one Spirit
One Lord
One God and Father
Over all and in all

Filled with the Holy Ghost
That’s how I move crowds
Mark 16:15
How I get around

Seven months locked down
I smell it in the air
The direction of the wind
Apostasy goin round

Going mainstream
Absent of the doctrine
Like stayed cats & dogs
The world has adopted

Christian Rappers
And Holy hip hoppers
Rap is what it is
Gospel Music the genre

The adversary’s cunning
The prideful idolatrous
The Antichrist
A ministry of politics

God is love
In a world of haters
Put my best foot forward
When I greet my neighbors

A love song
Not a rub you wrong song
I let my light shine
Study long you study wrong

Verse 2

In a life so short
Man doesn’t seem to worry
Gettin right with God
Quick fast and a hurry

Tomorrow’s not promised
Living on the edge
You don’t get a second chance
You heard what I said

Tomorrow’s not promised
You got one life to live
Get right with God
Who died for our sins

Why’s he so hard
Can you handle the truth
Clark Kent becomes Superman
When he steps in the booth

When I press record
My faith in the Lord
A mic’d up witness
I’m telling it all

He was there in the dope spot
When I heard the gunshot
Entrance and exit wounds
Bullets runs hot

The blood spilled
I coulda been killed
Palmer’s Cocoa butter
The affects are real

He saved my life
He sealed me up
My God heals
Yeah that’s what’s up

Verse 3

This is for my Soundcloud crowd
Facebook pals
Twitter and Instagram
Download now

Music Ministry Mixtape
Volume One
Raekwon covers
That’s WuTang son

Just warming up
Straight sixteens
No hooks my shine
That halogen high beam

The city on the hill
That can’t be hidden
The lane that I’m in
The switches I’m hittin

The steps of a righteous man
Mine are ordered
Brotherhood Experience
Only stops for water

Rooted in the word
Matthew Five
Fourteen thru sixteen
Seek and you find

Psalms 37
Verse 23
The place to be
Is the place for me

I take the stage
To lift His name
If you ask again
I’ll tell you the same